An Effective Choice For A Smile Redesign

An Effective Choice For A Smile Redesign

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How To Get The Smile Of Your Dreams With Veneers

Many of our patients at Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group are interested in improving their smile profoundly.  All ceramic veneers can be a very effective choice for a smile redesign as this procedure can be done quickly and easily and generally minimally invasive. Veneers are a great option to improve one’s smile as they can mask several imperfections. Veneers allow us to change the size, shape and color of teeth to restore a patient’s vision of natural form. A “Hollywood Smile” is attainable with this procedure.

 What are veneers?

Veneers are custom-made wafer-thin shells made in our laboratory in our office. They fit over your teeth to improve their appearance, a bit like a false nail. They also protect your teeth from damage and can help create a beautiful smile. They are tooth-colored to attain the patient’s esthetic desire. The veneers are bonded to your teeth to change the length, size, shape, or color. They are great for hiding stained, spaced, crooked or damaged teeth. The procedure is quick and minimally invasive.

Types of Veneers

There are various types of ceramic veneers. Here at Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group we offer both porcelain veneers – IPS e.max and Feldspathic Porcelain made exclusively by our in house master ceramist. Our in-house laboratory uses only the finest materials available to create our dental restorations and our goal is a superior look, fit, and feel, meaning cheaper, artificial-looking materials are not acceptable when it comes to our patients’ health and smile goals. We offer the following types of top-level veneers: IPS e.max – This superior porcelain veneer is well-known for its strength, customization, and durability and long term success. It has excellent translucency, as it duplicates how light is reflected off natural teeth. Feldspathic Porcelain – These glass-ceramic porcelain veneers are also very high on the list when it comes to impressive quality, translucency, and life-like properties. 

How are they fitted?

A smile design is first agreed upon between you and our dentists. The tooth is prepeared underneath to slightly roughen the surface to allow for materials and proper contour. Precise 3D impressions will be taken of the tooth, or teeth, for the veneers and this will be sent to the laboratory to make the veneers. When you return for your second appointment the temporary veneer is removed and the new all ceramic veneers are bonded into place using a strong, long lasting dental cement. 

Taking care of veneers?

Aftercare and good oral hygiene are key to maintaining the longevity of veneers. We advise you to visit our dentists for regular check-ups and hygiene visits. This allows for close monitoring of your gingival health and esthetics. Veneers will act and function like your natural teeth, allowing you to smile confidently! 

What are the main benefits of porcelain veneers?

There are many benefits to veneers. They brighten your teeth and give you an instant natural looking dazzling smile. They can cover a variety of imperfections from chips, cracks, misshapen teeth, gaps, staining, or small teeth. They are durable and minimally invasive, allowing treatment time to be reduced. You can find more information on veneers here or schedule an appointment with us at Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group to find out the best type of veneers to suit you and your smile.

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