Boston Prosthodontics consists of Dr. Kenneth A. Malament, a world-renowned Prosthodontist, Dr. Hans Peter Weber, a prosthodontist and periodontist, Dr. Alissa Mariano, a prosthodontist, Dr. Margvelashvili, a prosthodontist and Dr. Scott Lightfoot, a periodontist.

A Closer Look at Prosthodontics

While general dentists handle routine care, prosthodontists are dentists with advanced training in tooth replacement and restoration.

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with missing or damaged teeth. Prosthodontists are experts at creating prosthetics for teeth.

And unlike dentists, prosthodontists receive years of advanced, hands-on training in dental implants and other restorative oral treatments.

Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group includes three board-certified prosthodontists as members of its elite team that can handle all of our patient’s needs under one roof. Our doctors represent leaders in dental education, internationally renowned lecturers, and developers of cutting-edge research.

Prosthodontists are specifically trained in helping patients with dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures, as well as cosmetic dentistry and temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD). They are also trained in correcting issues involving the face, jaw, and mouth.

We forge lasting relationships with our patients to provide targeted, customized care as their dental needs change throughout their lifetime.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Clinical & Lab Experience

Dentistry is both art and science. The doctors at Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group undergo many years of highly focused prosthodontic training far beyond a typical dentist’s course of study.

A prosthodontist’s curriculum includes advanced-level courses and surgical training as well as clinical and laboratory experience, patient care, and research. 

The in-office dental laboratory works with the finest and most well researched dental materials available and allows for ultimate communication between doctor, patient, and laboratory technician to achieve superior results for our patients.

Why Choose Us?


Prosthodontists have advanced training in:

  • Creating high-functioning, natural-looking replacement teeth, including, crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures.
  • Temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD).
  • Traumatic injuries to the mouth.
  • Congenital or birth anomalies to the mouth.
  • Cosmetic dentistry.
Why Choose Us?

Streamlined Services

While our prosthodontists treat many of the same oral health concerns as general dentists, their in-depth training allows them to treat a broader variety of issues themselves instead of sending patients to practices throughout the Boston region.

Our dental office also includes a board-certified periodontist, giving patients convenient access to a broad range of highly specialized services.  

Meet Our Board-Certified Prosthodontists

Meet Our Board-Certified Prosthodontists
Dr. Malament
Meet Our Board-Certified Prosthodontists
Dr. Mariano
Meet Our Board-Certified Prosthodontists
Dr. Margvelashvili-Malament
What Is a Board-Certified Prosthodontist?
Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group has three board-certified prosthodontists on its world-renowned team of dentists. To qualify for board certification in the prosthodontic field, our dentists passed an in-depth exam by the American Board of Prosthodontists. They must then achieve re-certification every eight years to ensure they keep current with practices in their specialty.

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Meet the Staff

Giovani Stanzani - Master Technician
Giovani Stanzani
Master Technician

Mr. Stanzani received his dental technology training in Italy. He has worked with two of the finest dental laboratories in the world and studied under the mastership of Mr. Thomas Sing. With his advanced training in color modifications, all his work is hand made with the utmost attention to detail. He is the head of the in-house dental laboratory at Boston Prosthodontics and creates all our patient’s aesthetic restorations.

Denise Buckley - Treatment Coordinator
Denise Buckley
Treatment Coordinator

Denise has been at Boston Prosthodontics for an amazing 45 years, starting her career as dental assistant to the late Professor R. Sheldon Stein. Throughout the years she has transitioned to become treatment coordinator, helping our patients navigate all aspects of their complex care. With her extraordinary experience in aesthetic and restorative dentistry she is someone very well known to everyone in our dental office.

Jessica (Dental Hygienist)
Jessica Lainez
Dental Hygienist

Jessica received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University. She was awarded the Alpha Eta Society, devoted to scholarship in Allied Health.

She is licensed to administer local anesthesia and has numerous hours of continuous education. She is committed to providing the highest quality of care and is dedicated to patient education.

Jessica is also adjunct faculty at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University, where she is a clinical instructor for dental hygiene students. She is also a lab instructor for dental materials in the pre-dental and dental hygiene program.

Marybeth DelMonaco - Accounts Manager
Marybeth DelMonaco
Accounts Manager
Marybeth has been with Boston Prosthodontics for 35 years managing all financial aspects of the practice. She is well versed in maximizing patient benefits and works closely with Denise to establish financial arrangements with our patients. Her accounting excellence over the years could not be more appreciated.
Keith Falcone - Dental Assistant
Keith Falcone
Dental Assistant

Keith has been with the practice for 16 years assisting Dr. Malament. He has studied all aspects of aesthetic and implant dentistry with advanced training in dental implant components. He is exceptional in treating our patients with precision, skill and kindness. His hobbies within car mechanics and racing translate well to the dental field and further demonstrate his passion for dentistry.

Shauna Guevremont - Dental Assistant
Shauna Guevremont
Dental Assistant

Shauna has been with Boston Prosthodontics for 15 years. She worked extensively with Professor Dan Nathanson and gained invaluable experience in all areas of aesthetic dentistry. Her organizational skills and commitment to excellence is noted by everyone. Shauna’s number one priority is always the patient.

Naomi Willis - Dental Assistant
Naomi Willis
Dental Assistant

Naomi joins Boston Prosthodontics with extensive experience in full arch implant solutions. She is well versed in many of the most complex edentulous implant treatments, conversions and surgery. She is kind, caring and collaborates with our patients to achieve excellent results with our doctors.

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